The largest volume of cargo carried from Finland and the Baltic states, as they pass through transit to Russia from other countries in the Eurozone. Germany and Italy are also included in the list of countries exporting the maximum volumes of goods to Russia.

Micargus company offers competitive prices and conditions of carriage of goods from Europe.

It provides excellent conditions for groupage consignments, as delivery of goods from Europe is carried out by our own transport company and used to skate over the years the scheme.

MICARGUS consolidated and general cargo shipping diagram


Cost of delivery

Cost statrting from 2 € per 1 kg.
We have following gradation of prices for delivery:
Weight Price
0–100 kg 4 €/kg
100–500 kg 3 €/kg
500–5000 kg 2 €/kg

*) It is not a public offer. Weighing up to 100 kg are added to the rate of storage costs, as a result, based on the rate kg may be higher. The final fare depends on many factors.

For regular customers Micargus offers exclusive features, including:
- Delay of payment;
- Fixed tariffs for cargo transportation;
- Special prices.

Notice that the final cost of services depends on various factors:

  • type of cargo (equipment, industrial electronics, furniture, consumer goods);
  • lot size;
  • the chosen method of delivery;
  • particulars of the goods;
  • as well as related services.